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Operating in more than 28 countries, TURCK has established a global presence in the field of industrial automation technology. They understand that not every application is the same, therefore they dedicate themselves to finding the optimal engineered solution for every application including the standard ones, the complicated ones, and the never been challenged ones.

They specialize in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity, as well as interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and RFID systems. TURCK production facilities are located across the globe enabling them to react quickly and meet the changing demands of local markets.

With a portfolio that includes more than 85,000 solutions and 50 years of experience, TURCK is positioned to offer products and automation solutions that will increase the availability and efficiency of your systems. They have a strong history of success across many industries including chemical and pharmaceutical, transport and handling, food and packaging, in-machine and plant construction, canning and bottling, automotive, assembly, electronics, material handling, water treatment and more. Coupled with their vast array of industry experience, is the array of applications where TURCK products are used including welding, washdown for food and beverage, RFID in automotive paint processes, and extreme temperatures, to name a few.



Turck_Sensors_lgWith more than 5,000 proximity sensors to choose from, Turck provides sensing solutions for your most challenging applications. They offer inductive, capacitive, magnetic, ultrasonic, linear position, rotary position, inclination, pressure, temperature, and flow sensors.


Turck’Turck_Identifications industrial RFID provides manufacturers with high-quality monitoring systems to deliver unparalleled control and visibility over automated operations for increased efficiency gains and improved production.  Their RFID technologies are available in High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF).


Turck_ConnectivityTURCK’s connectivity products are rugged, durable and reliable, allowing you to connect sensing devices to higher-level control components. Their product line includes single and dual ended cordsets, panel mount receptacles, splitters, junction boxes, field wireable connectors, and cut to length cables.

Fieldbus Technology

Turck_FieldbusTURCK’s fieldbus technology allows you to expand your communication capabilities while consolidating your wiring. TURCK offers a complete line of distributed I/O products for every fieldbus protocol including modular and block I/O systems, in-cabinet and on-machine I/O, Foundation fieldbus and PROFIBUS-PA.

Interface Technology

InterfaceTechnologyTURCK’s interface technology includes isolated barriers that electrically isolate your signals with a form factor to fit your application, ZENER barriers that limit the energy in and out of hazardous locations, and signal conditioners that convert or amplify a variety of signals.

Machine Safety

safetyTURCK offers a variety of safety products that are easy to integrate and cost effective.  This includes the AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) and safety I/O modules such as IP67 block I/O modules.

Industrial Controls

IndustrialControlsTURCK’s industrial controls allow you to seamlessly direct your devices and be in control of your system.  Their offering includes programmable HMI’s, programmable gateways, and relays.

Power Supplies

powersuppliesTURCK also offers a line of power supplies, including in-cabinet devices that are mounted on DIN rail and on-machine devices that can be mounted in the field.

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