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Turck USA Launches A New & Improved Website

Turck USA Launches a New & Improved Website

The ability to browse and search Turck’s website has gotten even better with a brand new Turck USA website!  If you haven’t visited in a while, now is the time to head back over and take a look around.  It offers a fresh, clean design and shares a look that is more consistent with their global counterpart,

What’s changed?

  • Improved Overall Site Search – It’s still just as easy to search for a part or ID number by inputting the number, however, behind the scenes the search is even better.  It combines the Part number, ID number and keyword searches into one search field, making it easy to search their site.  Visit and try searching for “single ended female eurofast right angle” to see the results.
  • Enhanced Product Listings – Product listings have been enhanced offering the ability to get quick information about a part without clicking into a new page.  You can also compare up to four products.
  • Success Stories and Application Examples – Curious how other’s are using Turck’s products?  Their site features a new section called Industries and Solutions in which you can find a variety of application stories across varying industries.  To see an example, visit where they feature application stories from the Food and Beverage industry.

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