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Turck Offers A New Minifast HD Offering With ATEX Approval

Turck Offers a New Minifast HD Offering with ATEX Approval

The new Turck Minifast HD cordset offering is the first of its kind to offer an ATEX approved connector in a complete cable assembled package.  This new offering is a more robust solution that what is currently available on the market. With its ATEX approved design, it carries hazardous location approvals, making it suitable for use in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

ATEX Approved Design

  • Product conforms to the Minifast connector interface
  • Full stainless steel potted body
  • Stainless steel coupling nut
  • TPV (thermoplastic vulcanized) contact holder material
  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) cable grommet

ATEX Minifast HD Offering

  • Male and female cordsets and receptacles
  • 2-19 pin available
  • Straight only
  • Unshielded
  • 4 port and 8 port junction boxes

ATEX 4 Port and 8 Port Junction Boxes

  • Powder-coated aluminum or SST
  • Passive only
  • Highly configurable – all ports may be any mixture of:
    • minifast male or female
    • 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- conductor A-size minifast
    • 7-, or 8-conductor B-size minifast, or blank
  • Home-run connector may be:
    • A-, B- or C-size minifast

ATEX Cables for Minifast HD

  • Standard cables to start with will be extremelife-60 cables
    • Good for rugged and extreme temperature environments
    • Resistant to oils, sunlight, and abrasion
    • Flexible and easy to work with at very cold temperatures
    • FT4 and IEC 60332-3-22 flame compliance


  • Gas turbines
  • Skids
  • Compressors
  • Shipboards
  • System Builders

For more information about Turck’s new ATEX approved Minifast HD offering, contact your KOM Sales Representative,, or call 877-566-5262.  Fore more details, you may download the complete Turck release or download the Turck catalog pages.

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