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TURCK Introduces FGEN AIM Stations for Industrial Ethernet Applications

TURCK announces the FGEN Advanced I/O module (AIM) station for Industrial Ethernet. Designed to provide dependable communication capabilities, the FGEN AIM station elevates digital inputs and outputs to Industrial Ethernet networks. The FGEN is ideal for use in on-machine, fized I/O applications in envorments where conditions may not be conducive to traditional I/O.

For an easy-to-deploy Industrial Ethernet solution, the FGEN features TURCK’s Multiprotocol technology, which was developed to simplify Industrial Ethernet for Distributed I/O. The FGEN combines multiple Ethernet Protocols – EtherNet/IP, Modubus TCP and PROFINET – in a single device, yet only allows one Ethernet masters to control the outputs while the input and diagnostic data is available to the other protocols. The FGEN AIM station offers isolated power for inputs and outputs and several I/O configurations, including 16 inputs and 16 outputs and an 8 input/output station.

“The FGEN AIM station with Multiprotocol technology features a unique operating system in that it allows more than one Ethernet protocol to be embedded on the device,” said Chris Vitale, Senior Product Manager, TURCK. “This provides our customers the flexibility of identifying a single part number, instead of dealing with the complexities of specifying or configuring the station based on the Ethernet host system.”

The FGEN AIM station is available in TURCK’s rugged IP67-,68- or 69K- rated housing for reliable operation in harsh environments.

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