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Turck Offers a New Minifast HD Offering with ATEX Approval

The new Turck Minifast HD cordset offering is the first of its kind to offer an ATEX approved connector in a complete cable assembled package.  This new offering is a more robust solution that what is currently available on the market. With its ATEX approved design, it carries hazardous location approvals, making it suitable for use in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

ATEX Approved Design

  • Product conforms to the Minifast connector interface
  • Full stainless steel potted body
  • Stainless steel coupling nut
  • TPV (thermoplastic vulcanized) contact holder material
  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) cable grommet

ATEX Minifast HD Offering

  • Male and female cordsets and receptacles
  • 2-19 pin available
  • Straight only
  • Unshielded
  • 4 port and 8 port junction boxes

ATEX 4 Port and 8 Port Junction Boxes

  • Powder-coated aluminum or SST
  • Passive only
  • Highly configurable – all ports may be any mixture of:
    • minifast male or female
    • 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- conductor A-size minifast
    • 7-, or 8-conductor B-size minifast, or blank
  • Home-run connector may be:
    • A-, B- or C-size minifast

ATEX Cables for Minifast HD

  • Standard cables to start with will be extremelife-60 cables
    • Good for rugged and extreme temperature environments
    • Resistant to oils, sunlight, and abrasion
    • Flexible and easy to work with at very cold temperatures
    • FT4 and IEC 60332-3-22 flame compliance


  • Gas turbines
  • Skids
  • Compressors
  • Shipboards
  • System Builders

For more information about Turck’s new ATEX approved Minifast HD offering, contact your KOM Sales Representative,, or call 877-566-5262.  Fore more details, you may download the complete Turck release or download the Turck catalog pages.

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minifast Control Power Wiring Solution Released by Turck

Turck’s customers were requesting an alternative connectivity solution that would work with the control power connection system utilized with Rockwell ArmorStart distributed motor starters, and Turck responded.  Turck’s Minifast control power offering provides an alternative solution for customers to have drop-in replacements that tap directly into the existing E-stop control wiring circuits.  It uses Turck’s existing Minifast components and provides a solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing Rockwell systems.


  • Modified 5-pin connector – uses 6-pin Minifast pinout and plugs pin #4 location
  • Prevents any chance of mis-wiring to other existing connectors in the system by ensuring it cannot mate with standard 5-pin or 6-pin Minifast connectors
  • NEMA 1,3,4,6P and IEC IP67 rated
  • Quicker delivery lead times than market is current offering
  • Fits well with other standard Turck products for this application including Ethernet, DeviceNet, A-Size and D-Size power

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To request a quote or order now, contact your Sales Representative, email, or call 877-266-8765.

View the TURCK press release for the minifast Control Power Wiring Solution.

Turck USA Launches a New & Improved Website

The ability to browse and search Turck’s website has gotten even better with a brand new Turck USA website!  If you haven’t visited in a while, now is the time to head back over and take a look around.  It offers a fresh, clean design and shares a look that is more consistent with their global counterpart,

What’s changed?

  • Improved Overall Site Search – It’s still just as easy to search for a part or ID number by inputting the number, however, behind the scenes the search is even better.  It combines the Part number, ID number and keyword searches into one search field, making it easy to search their site.  Visit and try searching for “single ended female eurofast right angle” to see the results.
  • Enhanced Product Listings – Product listings have been enhanced offering the ability to get quick information about a part without clicking into a new page.  You can also compare up to four products.
  • Success Stories and Application Examples – Curious how other’s are using Turck’s products?  Their site features a new section called Industries and Solutions in which you can find a variety of application stories across varying industries.  To see an example, visit where they feature application stories from the Food and Beverage industry.

New from TURCK! TBEN-S (Small) Series, Block-I/O Modules

These ultra-compact multiprotocol block-I/O modules are the smallest blocks available on the market.

TURCK is pleased to introduce the first ultra-compact, digital block-I/O modules of the new TBEN-S (Small) Series. The TBEN-S series provides customers with a flexible solution and the smallest Ethernet block available on the market at only 1.25” x 5.6”. These fully potted IP67 modules can be mounted directly to a machine and are highly versatile with an extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C degrees.

Despite the compact design, every TBEN-S module can be operated without additional gateways in each of the three Ethernet systems PROFINET, Modbus TCP, or EtherNet/IP. Using TURCK’s innovative multiprotocol technology, the devices recognize the protocol automatically by listening to the communication during the start-up phase. An integrated switch allows the use of the devices in line topology.

The TBEN-S modules are available in five variants:

  • 4 digital inputs and outputs
  • 8 digital inputs with module diagnostics
  • 8 digital inputs with channel diagnostics
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 8 configurable digital inputs and outputs

The outputs switch a current of up to 2 A. To simplify troubleshooting and significantly reduce downtimes, each output channel is continuously monitored by the integrated diagnostic system that records all events in the device’s event log. Furthermore, the modules feature an internal web server with a responsive design. This is used to display diagnostics in plain text and allows you to use a smart phone to address the server and view diagnostics.

To sum it up…

Why choose the ultra-compact multiprotocol I/O Modules?

  • Smallest Ethernet blocks on the market
  • Available in five variants to fit your specific application needs
  • Can be mounted directly on the machine
  • Internal web server can display diagnostics in plain text and is accessible on a mobile device – this simplifies troubleshooting and reduces downtime

What are the product specifications?

  • Measures 1.25” x 5.6”
  • Fully potted and IP67 rated
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
  • Utilizes TURCK’s multiprotocol technology
  • Five variants
    • 4 digital inputs and outputs
    • 8 digital inputs with module diagnostics
    • 8 digital inputs with channel diagnostics
    • 8 digital outputs
    • 8 configurable digital inputs and outputs

Request a Quote or Order Now!

To request a quote or more details about the new TBEN-S series I/O modules, contact your Sales Representative, email us at, or call 1-877-266-8765.

View the TURCK press release for the new TBEN-S series.

Overmolded M40 powerfast Connectors Provide Superior Protection in Harsh Environments

New from TURCK

Overmolded M40 powerfast Connectors Provide Superior Protections in Harsh Environments

TURCK introduces new overmolded M40 powerfast connectors, delivering durable power connectivity in demanding environments. Offering a more robust connectivity solution than field-assembled version, overmolded M40 powerfast connectors are 100 percent factory tested to ensure optimal performance in harsh industrial automation applications.

TURCK overmolded M40 powerfast connectors feature both power and signal capabilities within the same connector, and are capable of up to 35 amps. The M40 powerfast line offers male or female, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths and pigtails or extensions. For a complete system, the powerfast line also provides mating receptacles, cordsets, splitters and a jumper plug.

“Overmolded M40 powerfast connectors offer superior reliability and durability,” said Jay Bartsias, Product Manager, TURCK. “In comparison to traditional field-assembled connectors, these connectors are designed to provide a more cost-efficient, tamper-proof solution with ingress protection in demanding applications, including automotive, conveyor OEMs and material handling.”

Allowing for a discrete or distributed power system, TURCK M40 powerfast connectors are ideal for power applications, including applications with motors, lights and heaters. The connectors feature a protection rating of IP67 for optimal protection against dust and water ingress.

Fully Programmable Temperature Sensor with Integrated Resistance Temperature Detector Provides All-In-One Measurement Solution

New from TURCK

Fully Programmable Temperature Sensor with Integrated Resistance Temperature

Detector Provides All-In-One Measurement Solution

TURCK introduces the TS530 temperature sensor, the latest addition to the company’s temperature sensor line. Featuring an integrated resistance temperature detector (RTD), the TS530 combines the display, process connection and the RTD all in a single part for fast and reliable performance.

Simple, push-button programming and large, highly-visible LED displays ensure easy operation, while a unique rotatable display that can turn up to 340 degrees allows for flexible viewing in the field. The sensor also sends feedback to a PLC, allowing operators the ability to monitor performance from virtually any location.

“We created the TS530 to offer a solution that would combine our proven TS400 and TS500 programmable sensors with an integral class A RTD,” said Rich Tallant, Product Manager, TURCK. “With the display, control, process connection and RTD all in a single part, the TS530 streamlines temperature measurement for our customers’ diverse applications.”

TURCK TS530 temperature sensors feature a new design for easy mounting and installation, allowing users to mount them directly to a tank or pipe with no mounting bracket required. For reliable performance in harsh manufacturing environments, the sensor meets IP69K protection ratings and operates in temperatures ranging from -50 to 150 degrees Celsius.

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