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K50 Pro Touch Series from Banner Engineering

The K50 Pro Touch Buttons from Banner Engineering combine proven touch technology and ruggedness with the added versatility of RGB LEDs.   These pro touch buttons are made with a rugged IP69K designs making them reliable in a variety of conditions, including harsh environments.  They operate in wet or dry environments and with gloved or bare hands.  As a general-purpose indicator in a 50 mm dome, the K50 Pro Touch Buttons are compatible with the Pro Editor software allowing for full flexibility of colors, touch, animations and output settings.  These capabilities increase production efficiency as each change in status or step in a process can be assigned its own unique color or animation.  This helps the users learn and interpret the signals quickly, resulting in fewer errors, thus saving time and money.  In October, Banner Engineering announced the availability of K50 Pro Touch Buttons with IO-Link communication.  These models offer full Pro capabilities managed dynamically by the master, including customization of colors, animations, and touch sensitivity.

Key features:
  • Excellent immunity to false triggering by water spray, detergents, oils and other foreign materials
  • Programmable using Banner’s Pro Editor software and Pro Converter Cable
  • Up to 14 default colors with flash input in one unit
  • Devices are completely self-contained – no controller needed
  • Rated IEC IP67 and DIN IP69K
  • 12 V dc to 30 V dc operation
  • Can be actuated with bare hands or gloves; adjustable sensitivity using Pro Editor software
  • Compact models available for lower profile applications
  • Models constructed from FDA-grade materials available
  • Configurable input/output with Pro Editor software
  • Device can be configured to remember touch state on power loss using Pro Editor software
Additional features with IO-Link:
  • IO-Link gives full access to color, flashing, rotating, and dimming settings as well as advanced animations such as dynamic sequence mode and LED control
  • Offers touch and output settings, including on and off delays, touch sensitivity, output function, and output state
Comparison of K50 Pro Touch vs. K50 Pro Touch with IO-Link
K50 Pro Touch
√  Pro Editor Compatible

√  Discrete Control

√  Full Control of Touch Logic

×  IO-Link Control

× Sequence Mode

× Individual LED Control

× Remote Configuration and Monitoring

√  Touch Sensitivity Control

× Increased Data Availability

√  Simple Device Replacement

K50 Pro Touch with IO-Link
× Pro Editor Compatible

× Discrete Control

√  Full Control of Touch Logic

√  IO-Link Control

√  Sequence Mode

√  Individual LED Control

√  Remote Configuration and Monitoring

√  Touch Sensitivity Control

√  Increased Data Availability

√  Simple Device Replacement

Request a Quote/Order Now

For more information or to request a quote, contact  Use the below resources to learn more about the K50 Pro Touch Button Series with or without IO-Link.

Programmable Audible Segment with Banner Engineering’s TL70 Modular Tower Lights

Modular Tower Lights Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering has introduced a new programmable audible segment for the TL70 Modular Tower Lights.  This audible segment is easy-to-program and allows you to create a custom audible alert or announcement to correspond with a change in status.  The audible alerts can vary depending upon your needs and be as simple as a short series of tones, or as complex as a multilingual set of instructions.  The only limitations applied to the audible alert are the length of the sound file.  For more information about Banner Engineering’s TL70 Modular Tower Lights, please visit

Product Features

  • Easy to program using downloadable Audio GUI and standard mini USB connection
  • Users can upload a sound file using popular MP3 or WAV file formats, up to 130 seconds in length
  • Sound file plays on a continuous loop until another change in status occurs
  • Order as a preassembled tower light to save time or as a separate audible segment with light modules for a custom indication solution
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