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Secomea, a privately owned company, is one of the leading providers of remote access solutions for the automation and machine industries whose goal is to make your secure communication easy.  They offer firewall/VPN and industrial communication solutions that are easy to install, easy to setup and easy to use.   Their Internet based industrial communications solutions help you monitor, manage and service equipment whether your equipment is located across town or across the globe.

With Secomea’s products, you use your standard PLC and HMI programming tools, just as if you were onsite.  All your devices, including Ethernet, Serial and USB, are brought to your local PC.  It’s fast, secure and easy with no change to your existing IT infrastructure!

Why choose Secomea remote access solutions?

  • They save you time and money on costly on-site troubleshooting trips without worrying about security.
  • You can optimize your service offering by providing instant support to ensure machine uptime.
  • You can optimize engineering costs by allowing key engineers to service global customers simultaneously.
  • No need for VPN
  • No need for IT skills
  • No need for fixed IP addresses
  • No need for open ports in firewalls

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Remote Programming of Industrial Equipment

Remote programming of industrial equipment is often used by machine providers or system integrators who need to fulfill service obligations for machine installations, in the form of diagnosing and programming the PLC or HMI device using the native PLC software.  The device could be Ethernet, Serial or USB attached.

Remote Control and Monitoring of Industrial Equipment

Remote control and monitoring of industrial equipment is often used by machine providers or system integrators that need to provide customers with access to an operator panel of a machine in order to operate or monitor it.  The device could be a PLC, HMI or PC that has a SCADA type Web virtualization interface, or it may require access to a PC desktop to access the information GUI.

Remote Data Logging of Industrial Equipment

Remote data logging of industrial equipment is often used by machine providers that want to offer preventive and predictive maintenance services for machines by monitoring and logging machine information to a central surveillance center.  In this case, the machine provider wants to be independent of remote networks as they are out of their control.   If an issue occurs, the provider can connect to the equipment for further diagnostics, programming and upgrades.

Remote Industrial Infrastructure (Easy Tunnel VPN)

Remote industrial infrastructure or EasyTunnel VPN is often used by providers of surveillance and maintenance of machine or process installations.  Providers have a central data center with a remote access server that needs full access to each site 24/7.  By requiring full network access to each site the providers adapt to the principles of IP routing and VPN by applying specific subnets to each site.

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