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R58 Expert Registration Mark Sensors – Registration Mark Sensor with Three-Color Light Source

R58 sensors offer maintenance free solid state reliability for typical color contrasts found in product and material registration applications. Fast 50 microsecond sensing response produces excellent registration repeatability, even in ultra high speed applications. This fast response, coupled with the small 1.2×3.8mm sensing image allows the detection of even small and inconspicuous registration marks.

R58 sensors feature TEACH mode sensitivity adjustment by presenting two sensing conditions to the sensor. TEACH mode has two options: Static TEACH and Dynamic TEACH. Static TEACH is used to position the two sensing conditions individually. Dynamic TEACH provides a means for teaching a series of conditions on the fly; the R58 samples the sensing events and automatically sets the switchpoint between the lightest and darkest conditions. The sensor then determines which sensing condition is present for the shortest time and assigns the Output ON condition to that event, (therefore, LO/DO selection is automatic). The LO/DO setting can then be reversed in SETUP mode.

The sensor uses a tri-color LED during either teach process and automatically selects a red,green, or blue sensing beam, based on the contrast between the registration mark and its background. For applications where the user wishes to select the sensing beam color, individual colors may be enabled/disabled in SETUP mode.

Sensitivity may be fine tuned at any time by simply clicking the “+” or “-” buttons on the sensor. The eight-element bar graph display clearly displays the relative received signal strength.

The discrete bipolar (one NPN and one PNP) outputs may be configured in SETUP mode to include a 30 millisecond ON delay and/or OFF delay if required.

TEACH and SETUP configuration may be accomplished either by using the push button on the sensor or by supplying input pulses via the remote TEACH input. The push buttons may be disabled via the remote input.

The construction of the R58 Expert is extremely robust with a die cast metal housing, plastic optics and IP67 and NEMA 6 leakproof design for harsh sensing environments.


  • Ultra fast 10kHz switching frequency
  • Red, green and blue LEDs evaluated during TEACH to optimize application contrast, with the best color automatically selected by the sensor; sensing beam colors also may be individually disabled.
  • Outstanding color contrast sensitivity; detects 16 levels of gray scale
  • Smart gain control algorithm to maximize performance in low contrast or high glass applications
  • Easy-to-set, automatic Expert style configuration options include Static and Dynamic TEACH, plus Manual Adjust for fine tuning
  • Easy-to-read 8 segment bar graph display indicator for TEACH and signal strength readout, plus indicators for continuous readout of output status and setup.

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