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Powerfast Disconnect Switch – Eliminates the need for hardwiring!

TURCK announces the release of its new powerfast disconnect switch which is fully compatible with the powerfast line of TURCK connectivity products. Featuring a rotary disconnect switch, this product offers a means to disconnect power, lock out and tag out a motor for maintenance or replacement, and eliminates the need to hardwire the system, simplifying the process.

This product allows the customer to easily fit a disconnect switch into their power circuits that include motors or other devices which require a means of disconnect for repair or replacement. The disconnect switch also eliminates the need for hardwiring removing the need for manual labor allowing it to be a more cost effective solution saving time and money.

Ratings for the disconnect switch match the requirements for A-Size power allowing it to be a perfect fit for small motor applications. The powerfast disconnect switch also has the capability to be used as a lock out tag out device ensuring safety and allowing only authorized personnel to access the box. The powerfast disconnect switch meets IP65 and NEMA 12 standards making it an ideal fit for many requirements which require a disconnecting means within visual sight of a motor.


  • Offers A-Size Power quick disconnect connectors
  • Can be used as lock out tag device
  • Eliminates the need for hardwiring
  • Provides a means to disconnect power for maintenance or replacement of a motor
  • Compliments powerfast connectivity line
  • Allows customers to easily fit a disconnect switch into their circuit
  • “The powerfast rotary disconnect switch provides a plug and play solution that enables users to simply add the disconnect switch into their application rather than having to hardwire everything ogether”.
    -Jay Bartsia, Product Manager at TURCK

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