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New things coming from GE! – Read more to see what has been recently released, and what is soon to come…

New things are coming from GE!

Coming soon to GE-IP Controls:
High Performance Controls Enabled by Profinet


  • One programming tool
  • Multiple visualization options
  • Cloud based services
  • High performance CPUs with common PAC engines
  • Profinet as preferred open I/O network.

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    New from GE!

    Rugged COM Express Module

    GE Intelligent Platforms’ bCOM6-L1200 is a rugged, Type 6 COM Express module designed for harsh environments, offering ultimate durability and varying levels of performance-per-watt. The rugged processing solutions deliver best-in-class performance, provide low total cost of ownership, offer flexible options, and are backed by GE’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

    GE COM Express modules are perfect for OEMs designing computing platforms into equipment for industrial or harsh environments, and when reducing the overall design cycle and lowering validation costs are of key importance.


  • Best-in-class performance and reliability

    As the leader in rugged COM Express technology, GE understands that processors deployed in harsh environments need to deliver the utmost performance at the level of performance-per-watt selected, at all times, under any condition. The bCOM6-L1200 COM Express module is engineered specifically to meet that need. Onboard components are specifically selected for their reliability in demanding conditions. Unlike solutions designed for benign environments, the processor and memory are soldered to the board for maximum resistance to shock and vibration. Extended mechanical construction protects the module, which is designed for optional conformal coating for even greater resistance to moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

    Both GE and its customers trust rugged COM Express to meet the exacting specifications of critical infrastructure applications.

  • Longer lifecycles and lower product costs

    COM Express architecture separates the processor and carrier card. This extends the useful life of the subsystem by allowing a simple, cost-effective upgrade of the processor alone. The long-term cost of ownership is reduced while ensuring that performance keeps pace with changing needs.

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

    Today’s organizations are operating lean, engineering resources are scarce, and time-to-market is critical. Therefore, GE complements the performance and practical benefits of their COM Express modules with world-class domain expertise and a focus on exceptional customer service. To help you get to market faster and lower your development costs, GE can assist you with in-house carrier design work, or build a custom carrier specifically for you.

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