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New Rugged, Low-Profile LED Strip Lights from Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering has introduced the WLS15, a new professional grade LED strip light that boasts a low-profile design making it a great fit for situations that require a small light to fit into a tight space.  These LED strip lights will improve worker performance by lighting under shelves, inside doors, above bins, and in cabinets.  They install in minutes without impacting any existing application framework and once installed, they provide years of bright, even illumination with no hot spots.

Key Features & Benefits

     Compact, low-profile design

  • 15 mm slim, space-saving profile
  • enables installation in confined areas without disrupting the environment or obstructing sightlines

     Rugged IP67 construction

  • sturdy aluminum inner frame
  • sealed in shatter resistant, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shell
  • resists impact and vibration
  • tolerates wet and dusty conditions
  • reliable for use in challenging indoor and outdoor environments

     Easy to Install

  • Offers ability to cascade lights together
  • flexible mounting options including endcap mounting holes and a wide range of available brackets simplify installation and wiring
  • easy to deploy one or multiple lights in a short amount of time


  • diffuse window eliminates hotspots
  • available in 6 lengths from 220 mm to 1200 mm
  • optional snap clips for easy installation and re-positioning
  • capability to dim lights using PWM input
  • operates on 12 V dc or 24 V dc in one model
  • patent pending
  • 350 lumens per foot (0.3 m) for illumination up to 3 feet (0.9 m)
  • 50,000 hour L70 LEDs ensure long life

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