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New Heavy Duty Hollow Bore Absolute Encoder

New Heavy Duty Hollow Bore Absolute Encoder

Encoder Products Company has released a new heavy duty hollow bore absolute encoder, designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments.  Sarah Walter, an electrical engineer and Sales Engineer for Encoder Products Company, explains that “In any type of machinery that has a time-consuming positioning routine – an example would be a satellite dish – an absolute encoder is ideal.”  She goes on to explain that with an absolute encoder, the controller has precise motion feedback about the position of the equipment.  There is no need to re-home during every start-up, which consumes valuable uptime.  With absolute positioning, the controller knows exactly where the machine is at all times.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty, flexible absolute encoder
  • Available in both single and multi-turn resolution
  • Good for applications where an encoder needs to retain position information after power-off scenarios
  • Wide variety of configuration options
  • Hollow bore design and rugged housing
  • Can easily be designed into a variety of applications


  • Multi-turn resolution up to 39 bits
  • Up to 14 bits of single-turn resolution
  • SSI and CANopen communications
  • 58 mm diameter housing
  • Bores sizes up to 3/8″ or 14 mm
  • Two flexible mounting options
  • Proven turns counting technology with no gears or batteries
  • Durable magnetic technology
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C
  • Sealing rating of IP65 on the shaft, with the balance of the unit rated to IP67
  • Continuous digital position monitoring
  • Ability to retain absolute position after a power outage

Applications for Heavy Duty Hollow Bore Absolute Encoders

  • Aerospace
  • Material handling
  • Mobile equipment
  • Packaging
  • Converting
  • Metal forming & fabrication
  • Printing
  • Motor feedback
  • Cut-to-length
  • Filling
  • Conveying
  • Ball Screw Positioning
  • X-Y Positioning

Configurations Available

Flex Mount (SR) –  63 mm 2-point flex mount

Flex Arm (SQ) – 108 mm flex arm

Order Now or Request a Quote

You can order or request a quote for the new heavy duty hollow bore absolute encoder by logging into the online customer portal and submitting an order request, or by emailing us at

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