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New from TURCK – TURCK Inductive Angle Sensors Provide Solution for Accuracte Valve Monitoring Rotary Actuators

New from TURCK
TURCK Inductive Angle Sensors Provide Solution for Accurate Valve Monitoring on Rotary Actuators

TURCK announces its new line of inductive angle sensors for rotary actuators. Operating with the inductive resonant circuit measuring principle, these inductive angle sensors deliver enhanced valve monitoring on rotary actuators. The sensors a re designed with an innovative open face design, providing analog or discrete outputs and flexible mounting options.

TURCK inductive angle sensors are able to monitor three-way valves, while also detecting the valve position during cleaning cycles. Additionally, the sensors are capable of detecting the wear of seals, saving downtime from seals that are worn from switching cycles. For flexible operation, the sensors are available in two models, either with two programmable PNP switching outputs or with two scalable analog outputs of 0…10V and 4…20mA.

“In comparison to typical sensors, TURCK inductive angle sensors provide a freely adjustable range within 360 degrees,” said Marty Cwach, Product Manager, TURCK. “This eliminates the need for adjustment and readjustments of the actuating element and reduces the amount of manual labor required.”

Featuring a protection rating of IP67 and a rugged, compact housing design, the inductive angle sensors provide a wear-free sensing solution in harsh applications. The sensors optimal performance in temperatures ranging from -25 to 75 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for a wide tange of applications including valve automation, steering position feedback and dancer arm control.

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