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Overmolded M40 powerfast Connectors Provide Superior Protection in Harsh Environments

New from TURCK

Overmolded M40 powerfast Connectors Provide Superior Protections in Harsh Environments

TURCK introduces new overmolded M40 powerfast connectors, delivering durable power connectivity in demanding environments. Offering a more robust connectivity solution than field-assembled version, overmolded M40 powerfast connectors are 100 percent factory tested to ensure optimal performance in harsh industrial automation applications.

TURCK overmolded M40 powerfast connectors feature both power and signal capabilities within the same connector, and are capable of up to 35 amps. The M40 powerfast line offers male or female, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths and pigtails or extensions. For a complete system, the powerfast line also provides mating receptacles, cordsets, splitters and a jumper plug.

“Overmolded M40 powerfast connectors offer superior reliability and durability,” said Jay Bartsias, Product Manager, TURCK. “In comparison to traditional field-assembled connectors, these connectors are designed to provide a more cost-efficient, tamper-proof solution with ingress protection in demanding applications, including automotive, conveyor OEMs and material handling.”

Allowing for a discrete or distributed power system, TURCK M40 powerfast connectors are ideal for power applications, including applications with motors, lights and heaters. The connectors feature a protection rating of IP67 for optimal protection against dust and water ingress.

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