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NEW! EtherCAT Ready Heavy Duty Absolute Encoders for Industrial Ethernet Networks

Encoder Products Company (EPC) has released the A58 Series of EtherCAT-ready heavy duty absolute encoders.  The A58 Series is the first in a new line of absolute encoders from EPC to offer networking capabilities.  They easily connect into an industrial network with minimal setup requirements, thus allowing for rapid deployment.  These multi-turn absolute encoders are suited for applications where fieldbus connectivity is required and the encoder has to retain position information even after a power loss.  The A58 EtherCAT-ready Absolute Encoder Series offers two different models including Model A58HE which is a 58mm encoder in a hollow bore construction, and the Model A58SE which is a 58mm shaft encoder available with either a clamping flange or synchro flange.

Key features:
  • EtherCAT Deterministic Communication
  • Multi-turn resolution up to 43 bits
  • Up to 16 bits of single turn resolution
  • 58 mm diameter housing
  • Bores sizes up to 0.375″ or 15 mm
  • Shaft diameters up to 0.375” or 10 mm
  • Durable magnetic technology
  • Proven turns counting technology with no gears or batteries
  • Operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C
  • Sealing rating of IP65 (on A58SE, 10 mm shaft comes with IP67 sealing)
  • Continuous digital position monitoring
  • Ability to retain absolute position after a power outage
  • Meet CE/EMC Standards for Immunity and Emissions
  • Easily designed into a wide variety of applications.
  • Plug directly into a network with minimal setup which allows for fast deployment.
  • Works in various configurations, including daisy-chaining, and redundant-ring configurations.
  • Retains absolute position information even after a power loss, facilitating speedy system recovery at start-up without the need for system re-homing.
  • Facilitates data exchange among connected devices, allowing companies to transition to a networked system and facility.
  • Works with CANOpen over EtherCAT, so for users with CANOpen Technology, implementation is straight forward.
  • Ready for industry 4.0 and for the IIoT, data exchange between the encoder and other applications has no influence on the control loop.
  • Thus it is non-reactive and can work independently from the PLC or master, transferring data through network gateways to other automation networks and sites, and up to the cloud for analysis.
  • Robotics
  • Telescopes
  • Antennas
  • Medical scanners
  • Wind turbines
  • Elevators
  • Lifts
  • Motors
  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • Rotary, X/Y positioning tables
Product Models:

Model A58HE

The Model A58HE is an EtherCAT-ready, 58mm multi-turn absolute encoder in a hollow bore construction.

Model A58SE

The Model A58SE is an EtherCAT-ready, 58mm multi-turn absolute shaft encoder available with either a clamping flange or synchro flange.

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