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Programmable Audible Segment with Banner Engineering’s TL70 Modular Tower Lights

Modular Tower Lights Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering has introduced a new programmable audible segment for the TL70 Modular Tower Lights.  This audible segment is easy-to-program and allows you to create a custom audible alert or announcement to correspond with a change in status.  The audible alerts can vary depending upon your needs and be as simple as a short series of tones, or as complex as a multilingual set of instructions.  The only limitations applied to the audible alert are the length of the sound file.  For more information about Banner Engineering’s TL70 Modular Tower Lights, please visit

Product Features

  • Easy to program using downloadable Audio GUI and standard mini USB connection
  • Users can upload a sound file using popular MP3 or WAV file formats, up to 130 seconds in length
  • Sound file plays on a continuous loop until another change in status occurs
  • Order as a preassembled tower light to save time or as a separate audible segment with light modules for a custom indication solution

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