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Lean Manufacturing – Call for parts

Lean Manufacturing

Call for parts

Call for Parts

Reliable indication ensures workstation operators have the parts and supplies they need to build products and maintain a smooth workflow. An efficient way to deliver parts is to have a forklift driver attending as many workstations as possible. By integrating a wireless solution with pick-to-light indication, forklift drivers can receive multiple signals from various stations and seamlessly pick up and deliver supplies in one trip.

Banner’s rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install K30 Touch pick-to-light indicators are ideal for these applications because they are easy to actuate with the touch of a finger and can help industrial automation manufacturers reduce the error risk. They can be actuated with either bare hands or work gloves.

When the workstation operator is ready for new parts, he presses a button on the Q45, which signals the forklift driver to deliver supplies to his location. Once the forklift truck driver arrives at the correct station and unloads the supplies, he presses the K30 Touch to signal supplies were delivered to the station. The K30 Touch is easily integrated with Banner’s Q45 wireless solution and allows for simple operation on the factory floor, providing bright, highly visible indication. They are the perfect size to fit in a forklift panel and provide an ergonomic solution, reducing hand and wrist stress associated with repeated motion.

The K30 Touch has a clearly defined actuation area and is immune to accidental triggers. The rugged, fully encapsulated K30 lighted operators – with IP69K housing – also withstand moisture and other harsh environmental conditions.

Products Featured

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Wireless Q45 Photoelectric Sensor
The only wireless network developed from the ground up and exclusively for the demands of industrial automation.
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