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Banner Sensors Keep Pace at 800 ppm

To meet production demands, large scale bottlers rely on automated equipment operating at high speeds over prolonged periods of intense use. Equipment accuracy and consistency are essential to maintaining standards. Products that are not correctly filled, capped or labeled may have to be removed from the line and reprocessed, driving down efficiency and productivity and raising expenses.

A leading manufacturer of labeling equipment offers high-speed shrink sleeve label applicators designed to process 800 bottles per minute. The company had used standard retroreflective sensors to detect bottles on the line and triffer a label sleeve to drop down. These sensors did not perform reliably at high speeds. To maximize the machine’s performance potential, the company wanted to install sensors capable of consistent detection and output for high-speed bottling.

The manufacturer integrated WORLD-BEAM QS18LLP series retrotrlective laser sensors onto their shrink sleeve applicators. The very small spot size of the QS18LLP created a more precise output trigger than would be possible using standard retroreflective sensors. The QS18LLP was able to consistently detect the bottles traveling on the line and reliably respond within microseconds, matching throughput speeds of up to 800 bottles per minute.

The compact form factor and flexible mounting options of the QS18LLP allowed the manufacturer to integrate the sensor into their equipment without complicated alteration to design or function. The sensor’s sealed housing and protected circuitry ensured reliable operation in challenging environments. The crosstalk rejection algorithm provided interference immunity from neighboring sensors.

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