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Brand Profile

fenwal_controls_logoFenwal has led the way in designing and manufacturing high quality temperature controls for 60 years. Today, they offer design engineers total solutions to diverse temperature control challenges.

For more than 40 years KOM has been supplying Fenwal Thermoswitch and Fire Detector products for Gas and Steam Turbines to customers all over the world!

KOM stocks hundreds of these units specifically designed for the turbine’s protection. Daily we provide these particular products to GE, GE Manufacturing Associates, OEM, gas turbine part suppliers and turbine owners domestically and overseas.

We are experts at processing and handling export documentation required by overseas customers.

Listed below are some of the common GE Turbine Thermoswitch and Fire Detector Fenwal part numbers. Please call KOM at 877.266.8765 or 716.691.6400 if you do not see the part number you require or are trying to procure.


Commonly Available Thermoswitch and Fire Detector Assemblies:

  • Fenwal 17020-51, 170201-51, 17020-63, 17021-63, 17020-0, 170020, 17023-0, 17020-57
  • Fenwal 27120-0 325F, 27121-0 225F, 27121-325F, 27121-450F, 27121-0 600F
  • Fenwal 18023-0, 18002-0
  • Fenwal 47002-0, 47023-0
  • Fenwal 17343-113 600F, 17343-113 950F
  • Fenwal 17343-78 500F, 17343-78 725F, 17343-78 900F
  • Fenwal 17343-124 140F, 17343-124 325F, 17343-124 425F, 17343-124 600F, 17343-124 725F
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