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EKS System – Modern access management system in a very small space – the new EKS Light Modular

Access management systems are becoming increasingly important in mechanical and systems engineering in order to be able to assign any access rights to individual persons or groups. However, it is not possible to realize such systems everywhere due to their design and size.

EUCHNER now offers a possible solution in the form of its new electronics access system EKS Light Modular. The transponder-based system consists of three components : an Electronic-Key with RFID transponder, an Electronics-Key adapter and a separate interface adapter. The EKS Light modular, like the EKS Light, was designed especially for smaller, decentralized applications to permit reliable controlled access to individual machines or to entire installations.

Its small, compact design and low installation depth allow the Electronic-Key adapter of the EKS Light modular to be installed without difficulty in flat control panels with standard assembly holes measuring 22.5 in diameter. Even extremely right spaces present no problem for installation.

Operation is simple. Every user receives an EKS Electronic-Key with a certain access and authorization profile. The Electronic-Key is either hung into the Electronic-Key adapter or only held in front of it for acknowledgement. The Electronic-Key is checked via the separate interface adapter accommodated in the control cabinet, for example. If the Electronic-Key is valid, a certain access right is released.

The closed and rounded shape of the Electronic-Key adapter presents dirt deposits and permits simple cleaning. The plastic used is approved by the FDA, and can therefore be used in hygienically sensitive areas such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Like all products in the EKS series from EUCHNER, the device was designed specifically for industrial use and features the degree of protection IP67.

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