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Distributed by TURCK Introduces New General Purpose RFID Systems

TURCK Inc. introduces a new, low cost Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for use in all general-purpose industrial applications. The new “BALOGH Distributed by TURCK” RFID system consists of compact, passive TAGs (no battery required) that have a Read/Write memory of 96 bytes. The general purpose transceivers are available with either a built-in or remote style antenna and can be connected to various control boards such as EtherNet® and DeviceNet®.

The “BALOGH Distributed by TURCK” RFID system does not require a line of sight from the TAGs to the transceiver. Comparable systems that require line of sight can result in numerous missed items during the initial pass. This read accuracy advantage reduces cycle times and effectively increases the productivity of the process. A fault code will be displayed and no data will be transferred if an error occurs during the read cycle.

During the transfer, a part present indication eliminates the need for a separate sensor to monitor the position of the TAG. In the event that the TAG is seen, but a data transfer error occurs, an error bit is executed with a corresponding error code. This bit alerts the user of a problem and will give an indication of possible problems in the system. The 100% data integrity and diagnostic features of the “BALOGH Distributed by TURCK” RFID solution overcomes the inherent problems often associated with other automatic identification systems.

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