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Brand Profile

Specialty Product Technologies, formerly known as Danaher Specialty Products, is a single company operating under six technology brands including Veeder-Root, Eagle Signal, Joslyn Clark, Namco, Superior Electric and Thomson.  Under these six brands, Specialty Product Technologies delivers innovation, manufacturing and operational efficiencies, cost-effective solutions, and high quality products to the industrial automation industry.  The products and solutions they offer are used in a variety of applications from nuclear power plants to hay bailing.  They also manufacture a vast number of custom order products and solutions for OEMs.


Eagle Signal

EagleSignalLogoEagle Signal is a leading supplier of timer solutions for a variety of industrial applications worldwide.  They manufacture electronic and electromechanical products including:

  • preset, elapsed time indicators (time totalizers or hourmeters)
  • reset timers
  • repeat cycle timers
  • sequencers
  • related accessories for rugged and reliable production or run-time monitoring of industrial manufacturing

Namco Controls

namcoNamco Controls, who offers innovation and integrity, is looked at by other manufacturers as the leader in the heavy industrial control sensor industry.  Namco has been in the industry since its infancy in the 1930’s when they introduced the SNAP-LOCK limit switch, and they continue to be a leader today as customers choose them as the number one source for nuclear power plants qualified to NRC requirements.  Their product line includes:

  • proximity and photoelectric sensors
  • solenoids
  • limit switches
  • operating levers
  • nuclear qualified limit switches, magnetic proximity switches and connectors
  • connectors


veederroot_logoVeeder-Root offers the widest variety of electronic counters, mechanical counters and electromechanical counters for OEM’s ooking for high-quality and innovation.  Veeder-Root counters are used in packaging, printing, manufacturing/production, and elevators to service a variety of industrial and commercial counting applications from winding to spooling and position display to flow rate.

Superior Electric

se-logoSuperior Electric manufactures high-quality voltage and power control and conditioning products.  Their product lines fall into two categories: voltage and power control components and power quality and reliability solutions.  Their products include POWERSTAT and Volt-Pac variable transformers, LUXTROL Incandescent Lighting Control Equipment, 5-WAY Binding Posts and SUPERCON Electrical Connectors, and STABILINE Power Quality and Reliability Solutions.

Joslyn Clark

joslyn-clarkJoslyn Clark is a world leader in vacuum contactors and starters and controllers for in life safety and fire protection.  Their vacuum contactors and starters are electrically cotnrolled switches used for switching high current electrical circuits.  With a higher reliability and longer life, they are used to control electric motors, lighting, heating, capacitor banks, thermal evaporators, and other electrical loads in harsh environments.


logo-thomsonThomson Molded Products Group is an industry leader in high-quality bearings, fasteners and industrial solutions for applications including appliances, lawn/garden, marine, medical/fitness, business, and transportation. Their line of standard and custom products uses a maintenance-free proprietary polymer specifically designed to reduce friction, isolate noise, dampen vibration, resist corrosion and lower operating costs for a range of industrial uses.

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