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New CDS7 Option Available With the SM23165 SmartMotor Series from Moog Animatics

Moog Animatics set new standards for servo motor design with it’s release of the CDS7 option earlier this year.  Available with the SM23165 SmartMotor Series, the CDS7 option offers a simple, cost-effective way to create a network of Class 5 D-Style SmartMotor integrated servo motors.  It lets you create a CANopen network through either the DB-15 or 7W2 D-Sub connector on the top of the motor to make room for a brake and allowing it to be used in numerous vertical axis applications.  With the CDS7 Add-A-Motor cable you can carry CAN Bus, RS-232 communications and power from motor to motor, something that no other integrated motor manufacturer can do!


  • RS-232 auto-detection from SMI for easy setup and CAN network addressing
  • No need to individually address each motor in the CAN network on startup – SMI detects and auto-addresses every SmartMotor in the system, with a single line of code.
  • Foolproof Pass-Thru Terminator, easily installed on the DB-15 connector of the last motor
  • A compact design that decreases the required space in the machine
  • Full backward compatibility with the previous CDS option, allowing CDS7 motors to be used in new or old systems
  • Combitronic technology for simplified motor-to-motor communications
  • I/O Device CAN Bus Mastering for simple, economical and effective total machine control with just the SmartMotor


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GE PACSystems* RX3i Evaluation Unit Limited-Time Special Pricing

Now you can try out GE’s next generation RX3i CPU for 50% off list price.  Offer is valid through May 30th!

GE Intelligent Platforms has released the RX3i 330 CPU, their newest generation of New330EvaluationOfferPACSystems RX3i CPU.  This compact power-house CPU provides better control, faster communication, and improved security.  It features 3 built in Gigabit Ethernet ports supporing 2 LANs handling all your high speed data requirements for your most demanding applications.


Key benefits:
  • Reduced footprint (use less slots and reduce costs)
  • Higher speed performance for application
  • 3 Gb Ethernet ports, 1 un-switched, 2 switched
  • Supports SRTP, OPC-UA, Modbus (firmware release May 2015), EGD (firmware release June 2015)
  • Enhanced security
  • Energy PC Backup for dynamic memory

View the complete datasheet

Offer ends May 30, 2015 – don’t wait, order your unit today!

This special 50% discount is only valid through May 30, 2015.  Contact us at or 877-266-8765 to order your evaluation unit before the special pricing ends.

*Trademark of GE Intelligent Platforms.

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