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Q5X High Power Mid-Range Laser Sensor from Banner Engineering

New from Banner Engineering is the Q5X, a mid-range adjustable-field background suppression laser sensor.  The detection range of the Q5X is three times that of the Q4X and offers extremely high excess gain for continuous reliable detection of the most challenging targets.  It is a best-in-class laser triangulation sensor that is easy to use and has a cost-effective plastic housing.

Key features:
  • Uses triangulation technology which provides the Q5X with excellent Minimum Object Separation (MOS) in the 1st meter and, by slowing down the response speed, high excess gain over the 2nd meter
  • Dual mode can be used for clear object detection and extended range applications
  • Laser triangulation sensor with a range from 9.5 cm to 2 m
  • Same user interface as the Q4X series with easy-to-set switch-points
  • Real-time distance feedback and bright output indicators
  • IP67 rated
  • User selectable timing and multi-function input/output
  • High excess gain enables sensors to reliably detect:
    • Black targets against a black background
    • Black targets against a shiny metal background
    • Clear and reflective objects
    • Multicolor packaging and targets of all colors
  • Detect extremely challenging targets
  • Combine power and versatility to solve more challenges
  • Meets a wide variety of mounting constraints
  • Save time and costs
  • Simplified set up, remote monitoring, control and replacement with optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD)


  • Part-in-place/motion complete
  • Power train and suspension assembly
  • Black plastic, leather, and rubber detection

Material Handling

  • Box, tote, and pallet detection
  • Logistics and tunnel automation


  • End-of-line pallet detection
  • Carton full or empty

Lumber & Construction

  • Timber, plywood, and sheetrock profiling
  • Steel and asphalt shingle loop detection

K50 Pro Touch Series from Banner Engineering

The K50 Pro Touch Buttons from Banner Engineering combine proven touch technology and ruggedness with the added versatility of RGB LEDs.   These pro touch buttons are made with a rugged IP69K designs making them reliable in a variety of conditions, including harsh environments.  They operate in wet or dry environments and with gloved or bare hands.  As a general-purpose indicator in a 50 mm dome, the K50 Pro Touch Buttons are compatible with the Pro Editor software allowing for full flexibility of colors, touch, animations and output settings.  These capabilities increase production efficiency as each change in status or step in a process can be assigned its own unique color or animation.  This helps the users learn and interpret the signals quickly, resulting in fewer errors, thus saving time and money.  In October, Banner Engineering announced the availability of K50 Pro Touch Buttons with IO-Link communication.  These models offer full Pro capabilities managed dynamically by the master, including customization of colors, animations, and touch sensitivity.

Key features:
  • Excellent immunity to false triggering by water spray, detergents, oils and other foreign materials
  • Programmable using Banner’s Pro Editor software and Pro Converter Cable
  • Up to 14 default colors with flash input in one unit
  • Devices are completely self-contained – no controller needed
  • Rated IEC IP67 and DIN IP69K
  • 12 V dc to 30 V dc operation
  • Can be actuated with bare hands or gloves; adjustable sensitivity using Pro Editor software
  • Compact models available for lower profile applications
  • Models constructed from FDA-grade materials available
  • Configurable input/output with Pro Editor software
  • Device can be configured to remember touch state on power loss using Pro Editor software
Additional features with IO-Link:
  • IO-Link gives full access to color, flashing, rotating, and dimming settings as well as advanced animations such as dynamic sequence mode and LED control
  • Offers touch and output settings, including on and off delays, touch sensitivity, output function, and output state
Comparison of K50 Pro Touch vs. K50 Pro Touch with IO-Link
K50 Pro Touch
√  Pro Editor Compatible

√  Discrete Control

√  Full Control of Touch Logic

×  IO-Link Control

× Sequence Mode

× Individual LED Control

× Remote Configuration and Monitoring

√  Touch Sensitivity Control

× Increased Data Availability

√  Simple Device Replacement

K50 Pro Touch with IO-Link
× Pro Editor Compatible

× Discrete Control

√  Full Control of Touch Logic

√  IO-Link Control

√  Sequence Mode

√  Individual LED Control

√  Remote Configuration and Monitoring

√  Touch Sensitivity Control

√  Increased Data Availability

√  Simple Device Replacement

Request a Quote/Order Now

For more information or to request a quote, contact  Use the below resources to learn more about the K50 Pro Touch Button Series with or without IO-Link.

NEW! EtherCAT Ready Heavy Duty Absolute Encoders for Industrial Ethernet Networks

Encoder Products Company (EPC) has released the A58 Series of EtherCAT-ready heavy duty absolute encoders.  The A58 Series is the first in a new line of absolute encoders from EPC to offer networking capabilities.  They easily connect into an industrial network with minimal setup requirements, thus allowing for rapid deployment.  These multi-turn absolute encoders are suited for applications where fieldbus connectivity is required and the encoder has to retain position information even after a power loss.  The A58 EtherCAT-ready Absolute Encoder Series offers two different models including Model A58HE which is a 58mm encoder in a hollow bore construction, and the Model A58SE which is a 58mm shaft encoder available with either a clamping flange or synchro flange.

Key features:
  • EtherCAT Deterministic Communication
  • Multi-turn resolution up to 43 bits
  • Up to 16 bits of single turn resolution
  • 58 mm diameter housing
  • Bores sizes up to 0.375″ or 15 mm
  • Shaft diameters up to 0.375” or 10 mm
  • Durable magnetic technology
  • Proven turns counting technology with no gears or batteries
  • Operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C
  • Sealing rating of IP65 (on A58SE, 10 mm shaft comes with IP67 sealing)
  • Continuous digital position monitoring
  • Ability to retain absolute position after a power outage
  • Meet CE/EMC Standards for Immunity and Emissions
  • Easily designed into a wide variety of applications.
  • Plug directly into a network with minimal setup which allows for fast deployment.
  • Works in various configurations, including daisy-chaining, and redundant-ring configurations.
  • Retains absolute position information even after a power loss, facilitating speedy system recovery at start-up without the need for system re-homing.
  • Facilitates data exchange among connected devices, allowing companies to transition to a networked system and facility.
  • Works with CANOpen over EtherCAT, so for users with CANOpen Technology, implementation is straight forward.
  • Ready for industry 4.0 and for the IIoT, data exchange between the encoder and other applications has no influence on the control loop.
  • Thus it is non-reactive and can work independently from the PLC or master, transferring data through network gateways to other automation networks and sites, and up to the cloud for analysis.
  • Robotics
  • Telescopes
  • Antennas
  • Medical scanners
  • Wind turbines
  • Elevators
  • Lifts
  • Motors
  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • Rotary, X/Y positioning tables
Product Models:

Model A58HE

The Model A58HE is an EtherCAT-ready, 58mm multi-turn absolute encoder in a hollow bore construction.

Model A58SE

The Model A58SE is an EtherCAT-ready, 58mm multi-turn absolute shaft encoder available with either a clamping flange or synchro flange.

Request More Info/Request a Quote

Request a quote for the new A58 series of EtherCAT-ready absolute encoders by logging into the online customer portal and submitting a quote or order request, or by emailing us at

New CDS7 Option Available With the SM23165 SmartMotor Series from Moog Animatics

Moog Animatics set new standards for servo motor design with it’s release of the CDS7 option earlier this year.  Available with the SM23165 SmartMotor Series, the CDS7 option offers a simple, cost-effective way to create a network of Class 5 D-Style SmartMotor integrated servo motors.  It lets you create a CANopen network through either the DB-15 or 7W2 D-Sub connector on the top of the motor to make room for a brake and allowing it to be used in numerous vertical axis applications.  With the CDS7 Add-A-Motor cable you can carry CAN Bus, RS-232 communications and power from motor to motor, something that no other integrated motor manufacturer can do!


  • RS-232 auto-detection from SMI for easy setup and CAN network addressing
  • No need to individually address each motor in the CAN network on startup – SMI detects and auto-addresses every SmartMotor in the system, with a single line of code.
  • Foolproof Pass-Thru Terminator, easily installed on the DB-15 connector of the last motor
  • A compact design that decreases the required space in the machine
  • Full backward compatibility with the previous CDS option, allowing CDS7 motors to be used in new or old systems
  • Combitronic technology for simplified motor-to-motor communications
  • I/O Device CAN Bus Mastering for simple, economical and effective total machine control with just the SmartMotor


Request a Quote and Learn More:

For more information about the Moog Animatics SmartMotor products visit  To request a quote or to request an appointment with a KOM Sales Engineer, please email us at

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Rugged, Water-Resistant, LED Strip Light for Division 2 Hazardous Locations

Are you looking for an LED strip light that offers a rugged, IEC IP66 and IP67 water-resistant design for harsh indoor or outdoor environments?  Banner Engineering has released the HLS27 LED Strip Light that is designed and certified specifically for use in Class 1 Division 2, Class II Division 2, and Class III Division 1 and 2 locations.  It’s rugged, water-resistant design makes it an excellent option for use cabinets, machines or shelters that are indoors, outdoors or in wet environments.  With it’s slim, robust design, and only two bracket options, installing these LED strip lights is easy.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, water-resistant IEC IP66, IEC IP67 design
  • For use in hazardous locations including indoors, outdoors and washdown environments
  • Slim, space-saving design opens mounting possibilities and limits obstruction
  • Single and dual-color models for advanced signaling, inspection and other applications
  • Single color models have the capability to dim lights
  • Pulse Width Modification (PWM) models have the capability to control intensity from 0% to 100%
  • Automatic temperature protection is built into the unit
  • Custom brackets make mounting easy
  • 8 different lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm make it an option for a wide variety of applications

Download the Datasheet

Specific Application Uses

  • Direct status indication
  • Supplement illumination with indication
  • Provide colored illumination
  • Illumination or indication within cabinets, factory machines, or shelters
  • Illumination of skids, print machines, batter manufacturing areas, cement, grain or dusty material packaging, and other locations

Application Opportunities


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powdered food
  • Printing
  • Bottling – alcohol
  • Textile
  • Paper and pulp
  • Paint and Coating
  • Battery production


  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Steel
  • Cabinets
  • Cement

Check out this application story that discusses using illumination for visual inspection on a printing press.

Order Now or Request a Quote

Request a quote for the new HLS27 LED Strip Light for hazardous locations by logging into the online customer portal and submitting a quote or order request, or by emailing us at

New Heavy Duty Hollow Bore Absolute Encoder

Encoder Products Company has released a new heavy duty hollow bore absolute encoder, designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments.  Sarah Walter, an electrical engineer and Sales Engineer for Encoder Products Company, explains that “In any type of machinery that has a time-consuming positioning routine – an example would be a satellite dish – an absolute encoder is ideal.”  She goes on to explain that with an absolute encoder, the controller has precise motion feedback about the position of the equipment.  There is no need to re-home during every start-up, which consumes valuable uptime.  With absolute positioning, the controller knows exactly where the machine is at all times.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty, flexible absolute encoder
  • Available in both single and multi-turn resolution
  • Good for applications where an encoder needs to retain position information after power-off scenarios
  • Wide variety of configuration options
  • Hollow bore design and rugged housing
  • Can easily be designed into a variety of applications


  • Multi-turn resolution up to 39 bits
  • Up to 14 bits of single-turn resolution
  • SSI and CANopen communications
  • 58 mm diameter housing
  • Bores sizes up to 3/8″ or 14 mm
  • Two flexible mounting options
  • Proven turns counting technology with no gears or batteries
  • Durable magnetic technology
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C
  • Sealing rating of IP65 on the shaft, with the balance of the unit rated to IP67
  • Continuous digital position monitoring
  • Ability to retain absolute position after a power outage

Applications for Heavy Duty Hollow Bore Absolute Encoders

  • Aerospace
  • Material handling
  • Mobile equipment
  • Packaging
  • Converting
  • Metal forming & fabrication
  • Printing
  • Motor feedback
  • Cut-to-length
  • Filling
  • Conveying
  • Ball Screw Positioning
  • X-Y Positioning

Configurations Available

Flex Mount (SR) –  63 mm 2-point flex mount

Flex Arm (SQ) – 108 mm flex arm

Order Now or Request a Quote

You can order or request a quote for the new heavy duty hollow bore absolute encoder by logging into the online customer portal and submitting an order request, or by emailing us at

Programmable Audible Segment with Banner Engineering’s TL70 Modular Tower Lights

Modular Tower Lights Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering has introduced a new programmable audible segment for the TL70 Modular Tower Lights.  This audible segment is easy-to-program and allows you to create a custom audible alert or announcement to correspond with a change in status.  The audible alerts can vary depending upon your needs and be as simple as a short series of tones, or as complex as a multilingual set of instructions.  The only limitations applied to the audible alert are the length of the sound file.  For more information about Banner Engineering’s TL70 Modular Tower Lights, please visit

Product Features

  • Easy to program using downloadable Audio GUI and standard mini USB connection
  • Users can upload a sound file using popular MP3 or WAV file formats, up to 130 seconds in length
  • Sound file plays on a continuous loop until another change in status occurs
  • Order as a preassembled tower light to save time or as a separate audible segment with light modules for a custom indication solution

The Most Versatile Size 25 Shaft Encoder You’ll Find From Encoder Products Company

The NEW Model 25SP Accu-CoderPro is the Size 25 incremental shaft encoder that goes anywhere.

The Model 25SP comes standard with:25SP-banner_750x600

  • An industrial housing
  • Dual bearings rated 80lbs axial or radial, so it can handle heavy-duty applications
  • Up to IP67 sealing, to keep it working in challenging environments
  • Same day shipping on select configurations
  • Programmable configuration

Programmable CPR, Output Type, & Waveform

With the easy to use, point-and-click interface, programming is quick and straight-forward. The number of possible configurations makes this Size 25 programmable shaft encoder incredibly versatile:

  • CPR – any resolution from 1 to 65,536. That’s 262,144 counts using 4x quadrature counting
  • Waveform – choose from 32 options
  • Output type – 6 different output types
  • The versatile Model 25SP is one encoder that can replace many different part numbers, saving you money on inventory and down-time replacement.

“What really sets the Model 25SP apart is the number of configuration options. With so many different connectors, waveforms, outputs, and CPRs to choose from, it’s the most versatile programmable Size 25 shaft encoder you’ll find,” explains Steve Dilts, Business Development Manager.


The Model 25SP is the versatile, cost-effective solution for rotary feedback in many industrial and non-industrial applications, such as: conveyors, elevator controls, machine control, food processing, process control, robotics, material handling, textile machines, and many other motion control feedback applications. Anywhere a standard Size 25 shaft encoder fits, the Model 25SP will get the job done.

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