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Q3X Versatile, Rugged Laser Contrast Sensor

Robust, high speed performance sensor for part-detection applications with small contrast differences.

Banner Engineering has introduced a new versatile, rugged, laser contrast sensor, the Q3X. The Q3X expands the types of applications that Banner sensors can solve due to its rugged metal housing, a three-digit display for easy to read feedback and versatility in solving challenging part-detection applications with small contrast differences. The Q3X offers a fast 250 microsecond response speed, a reliable 300 mm detection range, bipolar PNP an NPN outputs, and superior ambient light immunity.

Ready for a demo?

Contact us at or contact your KOM Sales Representative, and we’ll bring a demo to you to show you the new contrast sensor in action.

Key features:

  • Solves challenging part-detection applications with small contrast differences
  • Can detect small changes in contrast at 25 to 300 mm
  • High-speed part detection as fast as 250 microseconds, capturing up to 2,000 events per second
  • Angled three-digit display is easily viewed from multiple vantage points
  • Display provides clear user feedback for easy setup, and bright output indicator provides high visibility
    of sensor operation
  • Intuitive setup utilizing two tactile buttons
  • Rugged, nickel-plated zinc, laser-marked housing suitable for use even in environments where cutting fluids and oils might be present
  • Rated to IP67, IP68, and IP69K
  • Robust immunity to fluorescent light interference


  • Registration mark detection
  • Leading edge detection
  • High speed part detection
  • Small/thin features
  • Small contrast changes

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