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Banner Engineering’s Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Offers New Functionality

The newest models of the Q4X are now available with higher resolutions, and they can solve new applications!

Since the release of the Q4X versatile, rugged laser distance sensor, Banner Engineering has added new models offering new functionality and features.   The first addition was the Q4X analog laser measurement sensor that provides continuous measurement of challenging targets from dark to reflective out to 300 mm.  Banner also introduced new problem solving firmware, dual mode, that comes standard on their Q4X sensors.  Dual mode, dual intensity plus distance window, is an innovative teach mode that allows the Q4X to solve new applications including clear objects detection and error proofing applications.  Banner Engineering’s latest release includes higher resolution Q4X models that are optimized for higher performance over a shorter measuring range.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Q4X Analog Laser Measurement Sensor

  • Reliably detects sub-millimeter distance changesB_4183776
  • Continuous measurement of challenging targets from dark to reflective, out to 300 mm
  • Angled four-digit display offers clear analog (V or mA) or distance (mm) readouts
  • Solves measurement applications with difficult targets including black foam on black plastic, black rubber in front of metal, multi color packaging and metal or plastics of any color
  • Applications include fill level indication, part positioning, roll diameter, loop control, thickness/height verification

Standard Dual Window Teach Mode

  • Dual mode, dual intensity + distance window
  • Now a standard mode on the Q4X sensor
  • Solves new applications including clear object detection or error proofing applications
    • Clear or transparent object detection including vials, films, and bottles
    • Error proofing applications where you want to detect not only that a part is present, but also that it is the correct color

High Resolution Discrete and Analog Models

  • New 100 mm models
  • Available with same bipolar discrete (NPN + PNP) and analog (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) output options as the 300 mm models
  • Offers twice the measurement precision
  • 25% smaller laser sport for detecting small features
  • Discrete models can detect objects as thin is 0.5 mm
  • Analog models can more precisely inspect part dimensions and positioning with resolution down to 0.15 mm

What types of applications is the Q4X used in?

  • Multi-colored reflective package detection
  • Detecting black foam on black plastic
  • Shiny package detection
  • Part orientation
  • Part presence/absence
  • Fill level detection
  • Roll diameter
  • Thickness/height verification
  • Clear/transparent object detection
  • Error proofing part in place applications

Do you have a challenging application?  Give us a call, we’ll bring out a demo and work through it!

Contact us at or contact your KOM Sales Representative, and we’ll bring a demo to you to show you the new Q4X sensor in action and how it can help solve your application.

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