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Every 3.5 seconds a Banner sensor is installed somewhere in the world.  Most of the Fortune 500 manufacturing companies rely on Banner Engineering’s products to help solve their automation challenges.  From the cars you drive, the TVs you watch, the food you eat, to the medicine you take, somewhere along the line Banner Engineering helped make those products consumable.  Banner Engineering has more than 30,000 products and introduces hundreds of new, innovative products every year.  Their goal is to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes, and safeguard your employees.



With over 12,000 products to choose from, Banner Engineering offers the most SensorFailycomprehensive line of photoelectric sensors.  Their product line includes miniature sensors, compact, mid-size, full-size, fibers, ultrasonic, radar, arrays, vision, laser, registration mark and color, and pick-to-light sensors.  Their vast array of sensors are useful in many different applications including verifying liquid levels in sealed bottles, counting small parts, confirming the presence of threads in a hole, detecting registration marks, among many others.

Choose Banner Engineering’s sensors for many solutions including:

  • Presence/absence detection
  • Foreground & background supression
  • Go/No Go inspection
  • Gating and triggering
  • Parts counting
  • Level and distance measurement
  • Positioning
  • Contrast and colour sensing
  • Vehicle detection (radar, ultrasonic and magnetic technology)


VisionBanner’s vision sensors provide the ability to perform fast, advanced camera-based visual inspections in many different applications, thus enabling you to find defects earlier in the manufacturing process.  iVu and PrescencePLUS series sensors are available in their product line, which offer standard and high-resolution grayscale, color, and single and multi-purpose vision sensors.   They also offer a number of vision lighting products that create an important contrast between the feature of interested and its background.  Their lighting products include ring lights, area lights, backlights, high power linear backlights, linear array lights, and much more.

Vision sensors are often used in the following solutions:

  • vision sensors with onboard user interface
  • pattern recognition
  • traceabaility (barcode, datamatrix and text reading)
  • complex part inspection
  • part orientation
  • assembly verification
  • colour inspections

Lighting and Indicators

B_4164794With a comprehensive selection of lighting and indicator solutions, Banner Engineering’s product line offers customers the ability to reduce energy and maintenance costs, while increasing worker safety and productivity.  Their product lines include energy-efficient LED lighting, pick-to-light systems, sequential assembly lights, signal tower lights, indicator lights, and verification touch buttons.

Banner Engineering’s lighting and indicators are used for:

  • bin and part picking
  • error/mistake proofing
  • pick-to-light and put-to-light
  • operator guidance
  • call for parts
  • incorrect pick signal
  • remote start/stop indication
  • work station lighting
  • mobile equipment work lights
  • production machine and cabinet lighting

Wireless Sensor Networks

B_3086769Banner Engineering offers SureCross wireless photoelectric sensors that are designed specifically for the demands of industrial automation.  They are built to withstand extreme environmental conditions while maintaining reliable signal transmission over long distances.  The SureCross series offers true self-contained wireless sensors with no cables, cordsets or external power, an extended battery life, support for multiple I/O’s, and a secure and robust proprietary radio inspired by PLC networks.  Wireless sensor networks are useful in many process control and monitoring applications, factory automation, agriculture and water management, traffic monitoring and control, and commercial and consumer monitoring.

Some of the solutions that Banner’s wireless I/O products are used for include:

  • slip ring replacement
  • tank farm monitoring
  • livestock environmental monitoring
  • water and wastewater treatment
  • HVAC remote monitoring
  • traffic monitoring and control
  • remote sensing in process automation
  • cable replacement
  • hazardous application solutions

Machine Safety

B_4165381Banner’s machine safety product line includes safety light curtains, safety laser scanners, safety interlock switches, e-stop modules, two-hand controls, and safety controllers and modules, all designed to protect personnel and equipment.

There are many solutions for which customers choose Banner’s machine safety products, including:

  • safety light screens
  • ergonomic two-hand control devices
  • safety modules
  • emergency stop devices
  • safety interlocking
  • laser scanners for safety applications
  • programmable safety controllers
  • enabling devices
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