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Banner Engineering – R-GAGE Q120RA-AF – Radar-Based Narrow Beam Sensors for Detection of Moving and Stationary Objects

R-GAGE Q120RA-AF Sensor

Banner’s R-GAGE Q120RA-AF provides a solution for train detection applications that detects all types of rail cars, including flatbeds. Banner has worked with several OEM train yard integrators to develop this technology. The narrow beam pattern of the Q120RA allows it to distinguish flatbed train cars from the train tracks. The high gain radar antenna provides best in class outdoor all-weather detection in a diffuse operating mode.


  • Fourth Generation FMCW – Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (true-presence) radar detects moving and stationary objects
  • Narrow beam pattern and high sensitivity
  • Adjustable sensing field: ignores objects beyond set point
  • Robust to extreme weather conditions
  • Easy setup and configuration of range, sensitivity and output with simple DIP switches
  • Sensing functions are unaffected by wind, falling rain or snow, fog, humidity, air temperatures or light
  • Rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh environments
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