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Banner Engineering – New! WLC Series Heavy Duty LED Lights

Banner Engineering

New! WLC Series Heavy Duty LED Lights

Two new models engineered to withstand harsh environments

LED Lighting from Banner
Banner’s LED lighting offers high-quality, energy efficient products that provide bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. Robust, vibration-resistant housings and sleek designs make Banner’s LED lighting ideal for a wide range of industrial and mobile applications, including machine lighting, enclosure lighting, visual inspection illumination and work cell lighting.

WLC90 Heavy Duty LED Light

The WLC90 Heavy Duty LED light was developed for harsh environments such as machining centers, food processing equipment and general industrial automation. It was designed to withstand oils, coolants, and detergents. It can also handle high pressure, high temperature washdown that is typical in food and beverage processing plants.

There are several lens options to choose from to suit the area that requires illumination. Each model has three discrete levels of intensity which are easily selected via the wiring connections. An optional pan and tilt stainless steel mounting bracket adds versatility to the design, allowing the light to be directed in any direction. The WLC90 has a wide -40 to 70 degrees Celsius operating temperature range and is protected by a monitoring circuit that will automatically decrease intensity in extreme conditions to avoid damage to the LEDs and other internal components.


  • Oil, chemical and water resistant with IP67, IP68g, and IP69K ratings
  • Wide operating temperature range with an internal monitoring circuit that dims the LEDs to a safe level at extreme temperatures.
  • Three lens choices to suit many applications
  • Pan and tilt brackets for versatile mounting to direct the light in any direction
  • Models have three discrete intensity level settings
  • WLC60 Heavy Duty LED Light

    The WLC60 Heavy-Duty LED Light is engineered to withstand harsh environments. A conservative mechanical design protects against liquid ingress and state-of-the-art LED technology delivers best in class brightness. Available in two different lengths (340 or 640mm), this smart industrial lighting solution also features four energy efficient dimming states to tailor the brightness and power consumption to the application.

    Other important options include a choice of polycarbonate or BSG glass window; a recessed mount model; rear or side connections and screw mount, magnetic mount and/or angle mount brackets. Currently offered with a corrosion resistant Ni-plated aluminum housing, a stainless steel version will be coming soon. This is a top of the line product that is brighter, more attractive, easier to install, less expensive and more robust than competitive products.


  • Rugged and durable for harsh environments
  • Oil, chemical, and water resistant with IP67, IP68g, and IP69K ratings
  • High brightness paired with advanced glare-reducing optics
  • Easy to install with a wide variety of mounting solutions
  • Highly resistant to vibration and shock
  • Input voltage of 12-30V dc
  • Integral 4-pin M12 Euro-style Quick Disconnect connector
  • Models have four discrete intensity level settings
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