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Application for Banner’s TL50 Tower Lights – Indicating AGV Call System Status

Indicating AGV Call System Status

An automated guided vehicle (AGV) transfers various materials between factory workstations without interrupting the assembly process. When a pallet is ready, the user can alert the AGV by pressing a button, calling the AGV to pick up the pallet. It is helpful for users to know the status of each workstation and when an AGV has been called to retrieve a pallet. A solution is needed that can clearly convey multiple messages with high visibility, even from a distance.

This is an example of an Andon application where tower lights on production lines are used to indicate operation status. This illustration, demonstrating a possible utilization of Andon light indication, has EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Lights mounted at each workstation to indicate the status of that workstation.

The highly visible light towers allow employees to quickly and easily determine the status of each workstation. Multiple lights can be on simultaneously, so several messages can be conveyed at once. In this example, a green light indicates and empty pallet that is waiting to be filled, a yellow light indicates that an AGV has been called, and a red light indicates a full pallet. The indicators appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light.

Banner’s tower lighting solutions come completely preassembled and preconfigured, saving time and money in the installation process. They require less than 2W of power consumption, making them an energy efficient solution, and their robust design allows for direct mounting.

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