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Brand Profile

Moog Animatics has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing motion control products since 1987. They have delivered automation solutions to customers serving many industries including semiconductor, nuclear, automotive and machine tool industries.  Animatics was acquired by Moog in 2011 after which it became Moog Animatics.

Moog Animatics strengths lie in using innovation to meet the motion control needs of its customers. A prime example of their innovation is the SmartMotor. After they introduced the SmartMotor, Moog Animatics and the SmartMotor quickly won Product of the Year awards and recognition from:

  • Electronic Products (a Hearst Business Publication)
  • Design News
  • Product Design and Development
  • Inc. Magazine
  • The Business Journal (2 years in a row)
  • Control Engineering

While the SmartMotor works well for many customer’s applications, another of Moog Animatics strengths is the ability to use standard products as a foundation for creating custom products that meet unique customer requirements. While this work is normally custom controllers, Moog Animatics also creates automated machinery and robots per customer requirements.

Moog Animatics success is due to its unique approach to motion control:

  • Integrated controls and amplifiers
  • Fully digital systems requiring no physical adjustments
  • Minimum component count for maximum MTBF
  • Designed to withstand use and abuse
  • Sealed, compact packaging with removable connectors, not screw terminals
  • Total commitment to Customer Service

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