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Achieve 100% Quality Inspection with the iVu Plus TG Image Sensor!

The #1 Cause of FDA Recalls is Mislabeling!

Vision sensors are a cost effective method of achieving 100% quality inspection while protecting your company and brand from a label related recall.

Take control of the problem and protect your brand with the iVu Plus TG Image Sensor from Banner.

The iVu Plus TG Image Sensor is like having 4 sensors in 1!

  • Area: Identifies if a label has in been placed
  • Blemish: Identifies a crooked or damaged label
  • Match: Verifies that the correct label has been placed
  • Sort: Sorts different products by reading their label

    The iVu Plus TG Image Sensor is the most cost effective way to ensure the highest quality and prevent labeling mishaps. However, what sets this image senor apart is its ease of use. Ethernet connectivity enables iVu Plus Sensors to share inspection data directly with PLCs, PCs, or other factory devices, making communications and control even easier on the plant floor!

  • No externals PC required to configure the sensor
  • Integrated or Remote touch screen display allows easy access to view inspection images
  • Identify and sort up to 10 different products within a single inspection
  • IEC IP67- Rated housing rugged and versatile for a broad range of environments
  • Several lens and lighting options to meet a variety of needs

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